Wood Carving How-To Books •••

Wood Carving Techniques

These books show how to develop wood carving techniques. In addition, many of these patterns can easily be adapted to cnc wood carving projects. These are great books for inspiration and creative ideas. Pick up one or two today.
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Wildlife Carving in Relief

Between the covers you'll find 39 Individual patterns focusing on North American Wildlife including bear, deer, pronghorn, moose, fox, elk, cougar, and so many more. All of the designs are accompanied by detailed shaded drawings to guide you in the depth carving.
Some of the patterns include:
Autumn Challenge - White Tail Deer
Fighting Bucks - Elk
Spirit Totem - Grizzlies
Fresh Water Fishing - Bass, Salmon, Trout
No Vacancies - Titmouse, Chickadees, Wrens
Nut Hunt - Gray Squirrels
Woodland Gathering - Moose, Fox, Beaver
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101 Artistic Relief Patterns for Woodcarvers

Patterns include wildlife, botanical, mythical, and landscape subjects, and each project includes two detailed patterns: a line and a shaded variety. Fifty additional patterns for gorgeous corner designs that can be incorporated into a variety of crafts projects—from carving and wood burning to painting and quilting—are also included.
image book relief carving wood spirits by lora irish
Relief Carving Wood Spirits: A Step-by-Step Guide for Releasing Faces in Wood

From transferring the carving pattern to preparing the wood and evaluating the various levels of depth, every cut of the carving process is carefully illustrated and explained in this beginner's guide. Carvers will learn which tools are best for which cuts and why; how to create realistic eyes, noses, and other facial features; and how to add texture to their projects. Ten additional projects await once the first whimsical tree spirit is completed, each of which includes three styles of patterns: an outline for cutting the basic shape, a depth pattern indicating the levels of relief, and a shaded pattern indicating texture and shadow.
image book traditional wood carving by paul hasluck
Manual of Traditional Wood Carving

Superb guide to every aspect of the craft: necessary tools and appliances, esthetics of wood carving, comprehensive history of wood carving design, and of course, clear, precise instructions on every technique. 568 pages.
Customer Review] This is a very worthwhile addition to a woodcarvers' library. I have not read or worked through the entire book yet (it is truly enormous, and I already have most of the skills so it is re-capping them for me) but it is worth 5 stars for the pictures alone - many, many examples of carved furniture through history. Books with that many photos of historical pieces are hard to come by and usually very, very expensive. So for that alone it is worth the price.
image book wood spirits and green men by lora irish
Wood Spirits and Green Men: A Design Sourcebook for Woodcarvers and Other Artists

Lora S. Irish is the author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns, Landscapes in Relief, and North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw.
The 40 patterns included in this guide for carving green men and wood spirits out of wood are appropriate for carvers of all skill levels.
Customer Review] I'm not skilled at woodcarving, but I have to tell you...these patterns are so clear, so easy to follow, that they lend themselves to nearly any medium! Clay, lost wax casting models, needlework, woodburning decorations, painting inspirations, even stained glass, which is my business. Bravo, Lora Irish! Thank you for sharing!

Box Building

Boxes have been around since the beginning of time and we are fascinated by them. Everyone loves having a special box just for their private and intimate possessions. Explore the art of making boxes - for yourself and as gifts.
image book making heirloom boxes by peter lloyd
Making Heirloom Boxes

Guided by an experienced woodworker and hundreds of photos, enjoy a full course that covers everything: sourcing and seasoning different woods; choosing and using tools and equipment, and mastering basic techniques (mapping out the design, making dovetails, assembling the internal pieces), and more. Projects include a strap-hinged box with a curved drawer; a chess box with board; and a skeleton box.
image book beautiful box inlay techniques by doug stowe
Creating Beautiful Boxes With Inlay Techniques

Stowe is a woodworker with 20 years' experience and an eye for boxes and box-making. In a well-presented, concise format, he outlines 15 projects, illustrated in full color. The designs are open-ended, allowing the available wood to dictate a given project. Materials and tools lists are included, and line drawings highlight what details the photographs cannot. Most of these projects are geared toward the experienced woodworker, but less-skilled hobbyists and other general "enjoyers of wood" will also find pleasure in these pages. Gentle in tone but strong in presentation, this book is solidly grounded in practice. In the end, the author offers solid advice on woodworking and, by extension, life.
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Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw

With this book and 4 tools, you will become an instant craftsman (in your own mind at least). Lois Ventura will show even a novice (a little experience in the required tools is necessary) how to create magnificent artful boxes using just a bandsaw, jointer (although you can always substitute a sander and time for this), a belt sander and a palm sander.