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Build Your Own CNC Router

You are looking at a Do It Yourself CNC Wood Carving Machine Kit from Zen ToolWorks. This is for all those guys wanting to build their own. Not entirely from scratch but still with enough of your touches to say you did it yourself! All three axis are equiped with aluminum flex couplings, brass anti-backlash screw nuts, and Nema stepper motors.
Constructed of PVC board, steel linear bearing guides and stainless steel lead screws.
Beginner CNC hobbyists experience an opportunity to practice all aspects of the CNC world while living within a reasonable budget.
Available in two sizes:
DIY CNC Carving Machine Kit (7x7x2)
DIY CNC Carving Machine Kit (12x12x2)
In order to run these machines, you will still need a power supply (24V DC), a 3 axis stepper motor driver, a PC and a dremel cutter. You will also need software to run G-Code generated by your CAM software.
Are you ready to step up to the challenge?
Zen ToolWorks Parts Add-ons and Accessories
image zen toolworks motor spindle with chuck accessory
This Zen CNC 3D Printer Conversion Kit will make Zen Toolworks CNC DIY Kit 7x7 model 3D printer ready. It increases the clearance under the spindle to about 5 inches, and the Z Axis travel is also increased to 5 inches. If you are interested in building a 3D printer, this will be one option for you for the machine itself.

You will just need to add printer head(extruder) to the tool base and you are ready to go. This kit can also been used if you want to add a 4th axis to your CNC project. The clearance under the gantry will allow you to put a rotary axis and tail stock under the cutter.
image zen toolworks motor spindle with chuck accessory
This Spindle Motor for Zen Toolworks CNC Machine Kit with Tool Holders and precision Jacobs chuck can accept 0.3 - 4mm drill bits or end mills. Speed adjustments from 5000 - 8500 rpm. All hardware included.
image dremel 100-n multitool with accessories
Use this Dremel Rotary Power Tool as the cutting component for your DIY CNC router kit. Simple off-the-shelf component augments this kit architecture. 1.15 amp, 35,000 PRM. Ideal For Precision Cutting, Engraving, Routing, & Carving All Types Of Materials Including Wood, Metal & Plastics.
image book cover cnc robotics: build your own workshop bot by geoff williams

CNC Robotics provides step-by-step, illustrated directions for designing, constructing, and testing a fully functional CNC robot. Save yourself up to 80 percent off the price of an off-the-shelf router that can be customized to suit your purposes exactly. How? Because you designed it. 311 pages, written by Geoff Williams, an accomplished workshop bot designer/builder.