ShopBot Buddy® - Big Machine Wherewithal in a Compact Efficient Format

Buddy' - the latest creation by ShopBot has a quaint and cutesy name... The performance of this beast however, is anything but cute.

A full fledged CNC router designed for multiple applications and work situations. This machine takes up only 16 square feet of shop floor space and weighs in around 600 pounds. An efficient and some might say small footprint, the ShopBot Buddy is no small squirt when it comes to its capabilities and industrial strength performance.

Drill, carve, cut, and machine materials including wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals with the precision and accuracy once only available with the more expensive commercial machines. Perfect for small to medium shops or that power hobbyist. Easily create detailed 3D carvings, use for prototyping, or make this the center machine in your production process.

image of shopbot buddy bt32 cnc router
The Buddy BT32 has a 24"x32" work table. This translates into a nominal cutting area of the same dimension. Z axis movement is 5". With the patent pending PowerStick™ accessory, the length of any cutting project can be extended up to 12 feet.

All Buddys are fitted with this PowerStick technology. The standard Buddy comes with a 2 foot PowerStick for the standard table. Additional sticks are available in 4', 8' and 12' lengths. An added feature of this technology is the ability to stage one project on a PowerStick platform while another project is in the machine. Once that project finishes, a quick swap of the PowerSticks gets you back into production in no time flat.

Built entirely in the United States with materials and components sourced from US suppliers (when possible). Includes Z axis zero plate, dust skirt, ShopBot's Design software and Control software. Also comes with complimentary Quick-Start projects and some Tutorials (we like those!).

Shipped fully assembled and calibrated - ready to roll off the shipping pallet and onto your workshop floor.
NOTICE: My sponsor and distributor no longer carries this machine. When or if this machine becomes available again, I will provide a link to it's source. As of now, however, it is no longer available. ☹