Made in the USA

Romaxx Systems is a small manufacturing firm just outside Detroit Michigan. These guys have taken the skills of Made in the USA and put them to good form. They manufacture two different CNC routing systems for the serious craftsman. Romaxx has taken to the idea that all their products should be more precise then their competitors and sold at prices that make it a no-brainer when deciding which unit to invest in.

image of a Romaxx model WD1 cnc routing system

New - Best of Class!!
Romaxx WD-1 Router System.

This has to be the best the CNC router system to come along in a growing field of competitors. This router platform offers more features than any other machine in its class. Here are a few of the characteristics that set it apart from the pack:
  • 600 sq inches of working space
  • Precision ball screws on all three axis
  • T6 Aluminum - lightweight but very strong
  • V-rail linear system with adjustable ways
  • Gold anodized finish of machined parts for durability
  • Clocked ball screws for precision gantry movement
  • Precision flat bed with mounting holes for fixtures
When you look at this machine, pay close attention to the details - something the manufacturer has obviously done. Notice that all parts are machined - not bent or formed. Heavy duty table to hold more weight that it's competitors. Encased cables for protection and neatness. These are just a few of the details that make this machine stand out.

Table dims - 36"x24" with 8.5" head room
Axis Travel - 20.3"(X), 30.3" (Y), 6.2" (Z)
Cutting Speeds - Up to 160 ipm in all axis
Rapid Travel - 160 ipm in all axis
110 Volts AC
Total Weight - 170 lbs
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Watch the Romaxx in action

Note about PC interface..

Both the WD-1 and HS-1 models require a dedicated parallel port connection to the PC used for controlling these automatic routers. Most modern PCs no longer have parallel ports as they have been replaced by USB ports. One might think that it's just a matter of getting and USB to parallel adapter. However, this won't work as USB is not fast enough for CNC controllers. Parallel ports are about 25 times faster in transferring real-time data and that's why USB will not work.

The good news it that if you don't already have an older PC laying about, you can usually get one at a garage sale or thrift store. A PC with a 1Ghz or better processor will suffice. Also, make the PC dedicated to the task - no multitasking or connection to the internet. All the PC should do is control the router.
image of a Romaxx HS1 routing system

Slightly smaller but no less capable...
Romaxx HS-1 Routing System.

With a slightly smaller footprint than its bigger brother, the HS-1 has many of the same features found in this venerable product family.
  • 236 sq inches of cutting space
  • T6 Aluminum - lightweight but very strong
  • V-rail linear system with adjustable ways
  • Gold anodized finish of machined parts for durability
  • Electronics enclosed in a secure drawer mount
  • Precision flat bed with mounting holes for fixtures

Table dims - 24"x14" with 6" head room
Axis Travel - 12.1"(X), 19.6" (Y), 3" (Z)
Cutting Speeds (straight line) - 1200 ipm (X & Y), 140 ipm (Z)
Cutting Speeds (curves/arcs) - 300 ipm (X & Y), 140 ipm (Z)
Rapid Travel - 1200 ipm (X & Y), 140 ipm (Z)
110 Volts AC
Total Weight - 105 lbs
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Router Accessories
image of the romaxx vacuum foot for both computer controlled routing systems
Vacuum Foot - Keep you work area clean while being able to view how your router is working. Made from clear lexan, foot connects to standard shop vacuums and includes easily replaceable brush.
image bosch colt palm router model pr10e
Bosch Colt Variable Speed Palm Router is the recommended router for each system above. Quieter than most other routers with ball bearings and variable speed. 1 hp, 35,000 RPM router comes with a 1/4 in self-releasing collet. Enhanced bit capacity accepts bits up to 1-15/16 in dia. Softstart circuitry reduces start up torque. Convenient front spindle lock on motor.