image of carvewright cnc wood carving router with workpiece inserted

Compact. Simple. Powerful.

The CarveWright woodworking system is an easy and inexpensive way for anyone to create complex carvings. Use it for signs, reliefs, joinery, cabinetry, friezes, and furniture.

Use this machine to start your own business and put some extra cash in your pocket. This amazing machine has endless possibilities!

CarveWright CW005 Woodworking System, Version C
CarveWright Accessories
image of memory card for carvewright wood carving system

All serious wood carvers need an least one extra Carvewright 8MB Memory Card! Store additional patterns - make less trips back to the computer. Create different card catalogs. Store sign projects on one card, logos on another, and top selling products on yet a third. Come up with the perfect system and build your very own personal library.

image card programmer for carvewright wood carving system

Stop sharing one Carvewright Card Programmer/Reader between multiple computers. Plugging and unplugging the reader into a USB computer port puts strain on the computer side connector. Who needs that kind of trouble when all you want to do is upload your latest project onto a memory card? Get a card reader for every computer you have the Carvewright Designer software loaded onto and be done with the hassle.

image accessory bit set for carvewright wood carving machine
The Full Carving Bit Set is designed specifically for the Carvewright woodworking system. While it is considered an accessory, you would be hard pressed to be without these high grade solid carbide bits. Set includes 11 bits plus a magnetic holder case. Not getting this set is like buying a car without any tires. You Need This Set!!
image scanning probe for carvewright cnc wood carving system
Bring 3D carving to your work with the CarveWright Scanning Probe. Need to reproduce an original? Maybe copy some trim or possibly duplicate a repair piece? Simply place the original in a scanning sled, insert the probe into the tool collar, plug in the connector, set the scan area and watch as the machine digitizes your original master. Use the CarveWright import software (included) to modify the scan to your liking.