Before the Box Arrives

"When I realized that I just HAD TO HAVE a CarveWright of my own, I had a few days after ordering it to get my shop ready and my ducks in a row before it arrived from Amazon"
image carvewright cnc wood carving system
Carving Toolset
image Grizzly hand carving tool set h2930
Finishing Brushes
image woodstock d2025 50 pc brush set
Wood Finishing
image book cover understanding wood finishing by Bob Flexner
image book cover Profitable Woodworking - by Martin Edic
Shop Vac
image shop vac 18 gallon 925-33-10
Ink Cartridges
image printer ink cartridge
Relief Carving
image book cover basic relief carving by Georg Keilhofer

I spent one morning really cleaning up and organizing my work shop so it was ready to go. Long overdue. I now know EXACTLY where every tool I might need for a carving project is – in it's proper place.

I identified 3 very simple projects I wanted to accomplish; a small sign for a friend's hunting cabin, a buffalo plaque for my buddy Angus' upcoming birthday, and a pretty flower design carving for my better half. Wanted to do something for putting up with me, and to show her this CNC machine "thingy" was something she could appreciate me buying.

I wanted to approach my first carving projects with a clear goal: forcing myself to think Small & Simple to really learn the BASICS of the CarveWright® first -- rather than just diving in to the complex sorts of 3-D things I eventually want to do.

I gave these projects some thought and realized a few extra tools would come in handy... I ordered a boxed hand-carving toolset to fine-tune the machined pieces I'd created. Next I would need a good set of finishing brushes and as long as I looking, I might as well get a book on how to finish my projects - it never hurts to learn a few new tricks.

Found a very good book on running a wood-working business the smart way! This is one of my goals; to build a side-line business out of the neat things I will be creating on this machine.

It was clear I needed to set up a compact
vac-blower setup close to the CarveWright to keep things clean both during carving and after. (I'm guessing here, but I bet accumulated dust and chips can interfere with the sensors and whatnot during a long cutting process.)

Spent some time at my computer creating a folder for all my loose woodcarving related sites and forums in my web browser. Cleaned up my computer desktop and files, and created some really well-named folders for my carving project ideas, patterns, graphics that I'd be saving and referring to. Ordered some Ink Cartidges for my printer cuz I had a hunch I'd be printing a lot more.

Went to the library and researched some interesting books on old-style
woodcut techniques, wildlife illustration, furniture styles, and more for ideas. Also spent some time at Google Images pulling up and printing out various things for inspiration.

Just planning all of this has been a journey unto itself. I can't wait till my machine arrives and when it does, I'm ready to carve till the "beavers" come home...