How to Build a CNC Router from Scratch

Some time ago I ran across a site that showed how to make a CNC Router from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean scratch. I fired up one of the initial videos and sat back to see what this was all about. The video I was watching did not impress me at all. The guy was building this machine in his bedroom and you could here kids screaming in the background and he started at such a rudimentary level I was almost insulted. Within a couple of minutes I was convinced this guy was a crackpot and left the site...

The other day was I clicking around the web and I hit upon this site again. I decided to give the guy a chance and watched the first 4 videos in the series. WOW, I am ashamed to say I grossly mis-judged this guy. The guy isn't a crackpot at all, in fact I think he's a genius. My quickness to jump to the wrong conclusion was a terrible injustice to him, to me, and to you.

Without a workshop and expensive elaborate tools, he shows you how to build a fully functional CNC Router. I am so impressed I can't begin to tell you how valuable his work is. The gentleman is named Patrick Hood-Daniel and his website is called

I want to share a couple of sentences from one of his site pages:
"This website endeavor was started in late 2006 with a passion for building DIY CNC machines and sharing the knowledge so others can benefit.  The CNC designs are now in its fourth generation and the designs are continually being cranked out.  Every new generation of CNC machines improves upon the previous generation.  The main purpose of this website (the mission) is to offer a free to low cost solution to provide automated fabrication to hobbyists."

How's that for dedication and clarity of thought? I also want to share one of his videos with you as well so you can get a feel for his thoroughness. The video shown here is step 16 in a series that span 36 steps. ...Just the effort to record and publish the videos is a feat in itself.

The first time I found his site I was put off by his very slow and simple start. However, I've come to realize that his approach is brilliant. By the time you get deeper into the video series, his foundation building is evident and you're grateful for the early handholding.

I hope you enjoy this video and I really hope you get his new book. If you want to build your own machine from scratch, you can't find a better source than this book and his website. You're gonna spend days there.

My apologies to you Patrick for being so quick to judge. I for one am mighty grateful for your work!!
image book cover - build your own cnc machine by patrick hook-daniel

Build Your Own CNC Machine
By Patrick Hood-Daniel

Step 16: X Lead Screw And Nut - Click here for more free videos