Make Your Time Count

While i was waiting for my CarveWright machine to arrive, I thought I would go crazy... I had to do something with myself until it arrived so I decided to clean my shop up.

image halogen portable worklight designers edge l-845
Roller Stand
image jet 709207 roller stand
Jointing Clamps
image jet 709055 super fast jointing clamp
Now maybe you already have your machine and you might think that this doesn't apply to you. Well, there's never a bad time to clean up and even if you do have your machine, this tip still applies - you'll see...

Organizing your shop is a good thing for a number of reasons...

1) Reduce safety hazards by removing loose pieces of wood and slippery sawdust.
2) Locate lost or misplaced tools and supplies
3) Get a chance to inspect all your tools for damage and wear
4) Make notes of items that need repair or replacement
5) Take inventory of needed supplies
6) Put everything back in it's place.

Reason #6 is THE biggest benefit for me. I have limited time to spend carving so when I do get the opportunity, I want to CARVE and not look for misplaced tools or reach for an empty can of finish.

Ok, so let's say you've been carving for a while now - still, every reason listed is a good one. AND, there's plenty of time to do these chores while a piece is being carved. I know, it's more fun to watch what's going on inside that CarveWright - but that's wasting time you could use to spiff up the work shop. Like i said, I hate wasting time so when I'm carving, I'm either working on a new pattern or putting a spit shine to my work space.

Wether you're waiting on your machine to arrive, or on the machine to finish it's work - there's always time to PLAN for the future.

Maybe you need a couple of
task lights. Or a set of those work supports with rollers would come in mighty handy when I'm carving on that long board. Gosh, I could use some nice clamps too.


My point is this - make your precious time count... And yes, dreaming counts too!!!