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In the beginning (2008), there was only one small table top CNC wood carving system available to the amateur/hobbyist wood carving enthusiast. Yes, there were larger models used in production shops and specialized machinery for guys wanting to replicate intricate moldings, etc. But those machines were expensive and required special G-Code knowledge to program them. There really wasn't much for the average Joe that wanted to tinker in the work shop and create some magic of their own. To say the least - the pickins were pretty slim...

Times have changed!

NOW, there are more than half a dozen manufactures cranking out these smaller, yet much more powerful wood carving machines. In addition, there are some kits available for the guy that wants to put his own machine together.

Change has also come about to the software and programming techniques used to run these automatic tools. Pattern creation, Photo image reproduction, 3D scanning are just some of the features these machines now possess. Use your computer to make a pattern. Take an existing pattern and modify it to your needs. Create patterns to sell to other carvers. Create your own business making custom signs and plaques. These are just some of the things you can do with a machine like this. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

I encourage you to take a look at what's here on this site. You're gonna find a complete and full selection of all these types of machines. From simple DIY kits to full fledged machines ready for the production line, and everything in between. Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often as you figure out the machine that's just right for you. Take in a couple of videos, buy a book or two to help guide your purchase. Watch a tutorial and learn how to capitalize on someone else's knowledge. Get up to speed fast. This is the place to do it all.

!!! Newest Arrivals !!!

Powerhouse CNC Routing
Best in Class

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Most advanced feature set of any small CNC Router system to date!

Intelligent Wood Carving System
on a Solid work platform

image of Oliver Machinery
Turn photographs and images
into artistic projects

Detailed Carving & Engraving from Patterns within Minutes - Not Days

Advanced! CNC
Carving Routing Machine

image of rockler shark pro plus cnc wood router system model
Small, powerful, affordable, easy-to-use CNC machine for cutting, carving, milling, engraving & prototyping

Best Do-It-Yourself
CNC Router Kit

image of zen tool works cnc router kit model 1212
Take Pride in Building
Your Very Own NC Router
The whole woodworking and wood carving community can't stop talking about these new affordable BenchTop computerized wood carving machines. 3-D, CNC accuracy and repeatability with personal computer (Mac/PC) ease and flexibility. Carve Right with these brand name automated Table-Top CNC woodworking - wood carving machine tools. The right route to CNC machining: smaller footprints and increased capabilities are just some of the new developments in today's CNC routers and woodworking carving machines. Join in and be a part of the fun and excitement.

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Experience what it's like to unpack a Carvewright...
Click the play button.

Affordable Benchtop
Computer Controlled Wood Carver

image of carvewright n01 wood working cnc rounter machine

Desktop Publishing for Wood and Other Soft Materials

Efficient Full Fledged NC Router
With Big Machine Capabilities

image of shop bot prs standard buddy nc router model bt32

Powerstick™ Technology
for cuts up to 12 foot long

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